Ways to waste time online

I compiled a short list of sites that you can simply spend hours on wasting your time online…

  1. Google – Google offers so much these days, its hard not to waste time. Lets see… search, email, chat, maps, videos and so much more, and you know it. 1139348823
  2. Google Maps/Google Earth – This deserves a point of its own. I mean come on… You can browse not only entire countries, but the entire world from a birds eye view… Talk about complete waste of time! 1120163756 1139595673
  3. YouTube – Possibly one of the best ways to waste your time these days is by watching videos of people talking about nothing in particular. 1150215816 1146501108
  4. MySpace – This is a whole lot of community for anybody. There’s user profiles, friends, family, pictures, music, videos, and so much more, you can literally spend hours doing nothing.
  5. Digg.com – This site is literally constantly updated. If there isn’t a new URL to read or waste time on, you’re wasting time reading banter about them.
  6. Wikipedia – This is a brilliant waste of time. If you want to find information about something, this is a great resource. The best thing about it is that you can also contribute, meaning double the wasted time.
  7. eBay – Great, so not only can you waste time online by searching for junk you don’t really need, you can now waste money as well by buying other people’s junk.
  8. Facebook – Similar to MySpace, and all those other social networks out there, but seems to becoming more popular.
  9. IMDB – This is possible one of the most complex databases in the world. Everything is interlinked. You may only want to look up a film to find a single piece of information, but you’ll find yourself wasting hours doing nothing just clicking endless links.
  10. craigslist – Although I don’t use this myself, you people love it. I used to know people that would buy news papers just to read the classified ads, so imagine a whole website dedicated to them.
  11. flickr – You can literally spend hours on here browsing user’s photos. A great waste of time.
  12. discogs.com – A bit like IMDB but for music, mostly dance music too, its great! 1105077547
  13. SourceForge – For us geeks our there, this is like the holey grail of geek sites. SourceForge is a repository for open source software, so not only can you download software, but you can become a developer. If you are looking for something specific you could literally spend hours checking out software, and if you’re a developer, well you’re doomed for eternity.
  14. DeviantArt – A great art resource, there’s thousands of users on here posting their art.
  15. ytmnd.com – A pointless site full of more pointless sites, usually about a particular subject or topic, which is then jumped on and ripped apart into thousands of parodies. What is love? 1122049764 1135033835
  16. Maddox – This guy writes so much crap its great, all his articles are a nice waste of time.
  17. MoneySavingExpert – Martin Lewis’ official website offers a forum with literally thousands of users looking for ways to save money. Impressive stuff.
  18. Newgrounds.com – This site is great. All the best flash movies and games can be found here. You can literally spend hours doing absolutely nothing but playing rubbish games and stupid movies.
  19. b3ta.com – This is some crazy message board. Its so much of a waste of time, no sooner have you posted a reply to a subject, the subject has moved on entirely. Some of the funniest animated gifs come up here. 1111284607
  20. AVforums.com – A great forum for wasting time talking about anything and everything audio and visual.
  21. thepiratebay – Riding their ship on the wave on torrents this is by far one of the best ways to waste your time. Here you can download something, most likely to be illegal, so you could get arrested, and no doubt you’ll probably end up with the wrong thing, or it won’t work or something else anyway. 1137066705
  22. Torrentz.com – Similar to piratebay, but it searches loads of other torrent sites extending the possibility of endless searching. 1106037748
  23. Flash based fridge letters – Hey! Somebody stole my letters! Pretty cool really, you can waste hours doing nothing. 1107848200
  24. Spy Satellite (Spy Satalite) – About as much of a waste of time as Google Maps, but with this you can zoom in really close. 1107933911
  25. Lemmings – Lets Go! I think I might follow them off a cliff too. Always has been one of the best ways to waste time. Now in DHTML form. 1122330924
  26. The Falling Sand Game – This java game is great, what a waste of time though…
  27. Crimson Room/Blue Chamber – The idea is you have to escape the room… Seems easy its not, its a puzzle that may take some time… 1102039910
  28. notpr0n – This riddle will keep you awake at night… Well maybe not, but it is a waste of time if you get into it.
  29. Soda Constructor – This is like building your own robots, a nice waste of time right here.
  30. Random Chuck Norris Facts – Literally thousands of random fictional facts about the almighty Chuck. 1139537165
  31. Subservient Chicken – Tell this chicken to do anything you want. Absolutely pointless.
  32. Pandora.com – Listen to music online with this, make your own stations and stuff, and become part of a social community to create a database of associated music. A great time waster, providing you interact.
  33. Group Hug – Thousands of anonymous confessions to read, hours of wasted time.
  34. Moola.com – You can try as you might to make a mint, but you never will… Sucker!
  35. WordPress/Blogger (Blogging) – I do it, you probably do it, its a waste of time.
  36. PHP manual – The PHP manual is pretty extensive, as a geek I spend hours reading about PHP functions. Then realising i’ve just wasted hours reading information that won’t actually benefit what I’m trying to achieve.
  37. MSN/Live Messenger – Just chat to your friends for hours. A complete waste of time. 1141496961 1131392194
  38. Skype – Great now you can actually talk to your friends as well.
  39. mIRC – I waste all my time on IRC on EFnet
  40. Bash.org – The IRC quotes database. As if IRC wasn’t enough of a waste of time to begin with…
  41. ebaumsworld – The self proclaimed complete waste of time.
  42. Albino Blacksheep – This site has tuns of flash games, movies, and other media to watch to waste your time.
  43. MetaCafe – I guess I should mention this site. Its got a tun of videos. A very popular site… Not quite youtube though.
  44. dumpalink – A site with links people have posted. A complete waste of time.
  45. I Am Bored – This site just posts tuns of stuff you can do when you’re bored… Therefore a site dedicated to occupying time, specially when you are online.
  46. Still bored? – Read this extensive list of things to do when you’re bored… 1131635501
  47. 4chan.org – Simply thousands of pictures of stuff. A complete waste of everything. it’s full off images of everything that is right and everything that is wrong with this world. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, and it’ll probably make you pull a funny face at some point.
  48. Slashdot – News for Geeks, it’ll keep you busy for a while at least.

More coming soon…

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