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How to create a boot CD for Windows ME

Today I was given a machine that has Windows ME installed (Yes, Windows ME sucks, I know).

Outline of the situation:

  • The user wants windows restored to a working state.
  • It does not boot into windows, reinstall is required.
  • I do not have the original setup disc, only the setup files.
  • I have no floppy disk drive to create a boot disk.
  • I need a bootable CD with the installation files on.
  • The user only has a license for Windows ME.

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Win32 Virtob/Virut removal

Today I got handed a machine riddled with a virus that avast! detects as “Win32 Virtob“, also known as “Win32 Virut“.

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UK Trademark Law

I awake one morning to find a notification from my business partner showing a website where a group of gamers have created a clan and a website using our company name.

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