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longip perl script

I wanted to create a script that would convert a normal IP address to a long IP, just like mIRC Script’s $longip alias.


Converts an IP address into a long value and vice-versa.

$longip(  returns 2660774639

$longip(2660774639)       returns

What I was originally trying to do was increase an IP by 1, but due to the octets only allowing up to 255, this became increasingly difficult to do.

What I decided to do in the end was convert the IP to a “longip” then increase it by 1, then convert the IP BACK to normal IP.

This required a way to convert an IP to and from longIP, I was told it could be done purely using shell script, here’s what I did…

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What is a hacker?

Not so long ago I was asked to answer some questions for a friend of a friend who was writing a dissertation about the “hacking and warez scene” (which I have not been heavily involved in since I turned 18).

As I had known him for a long time, I felt obliged to help out, plus I was now interested in the questions that would be asked.

Based on what had been said I knew they were going to be questions on defining what a hacker is and what a hacker does, something i’ve been interested in defining for quite some time.

Here’s what I said…

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Friendly URLs (revisited)

Turn dynamic URLs into friendly URLs

I’m sure we’re all familiar with URLs that look like this:

These type of URLs aren’t particularly “friendly”, they are known as dynamic URLs. As a rule of thumb search engines such as Google don’t like them as much as “static URLs”.

However, Google has recently released an article on this very subject entitled Dynamic URLs vs. static URLs, I recommend you give it a read so you fully understand what we’re talking about.

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What is a valid email address?

With the on-going abuse to email based systems, we are in need of ways to validate the email addresses we’re handling.

We all know what an email address looks like, we see them and use them every single day. But how do you know if it’s valid or not? The next obvious question should be, what defines a valid email address?

This is what I intend on investigating.

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