PHPbase web framework

What is the PHPbase web framework?

PHPbase web framework (also known as PHPBase 0.0.1) is a PHP based frame work library for building websites, originally written in 2003.

Note: This framework is old, very old, dating back to 2003, however it does work in php4, for php5 I recommend ezcomponents, also take a look at symfony, however this is not as highly rated, also check pear.

Who wrote the PHPbase web framework?

Where did it come from?

Listed below are just a few scripts that utilise this platform, they are:

Note: I do not endorse any of the above sites.

All of these sites look fairly similar, generally “spammy” looking, it looks like none of them have been updated very recently, and only exist as an attempt to make money from advertisements.

Having said this, the scripts do actually work, and generally the PHPbase web framework works very well.

Obviously I very much doubt the person distributing this software is the original author of the framework.

Note: You may also find mention of the framework here, where I made a post about it back in May 16th 2006.

What is contained in the framework library?

The actual frame work files are as follows:

  • common.php – common functions
  • config.php – generic xml configuration file parser
  • database.php – database manipulation
  • forms.php – Forms Auto Generations and validations library
  • html.php – for generating html pages
  • library.php – abstract library class
  • mail.php – this class encapsulates the PHP mail() function.
  • menu.php – image rollover menu
  • site.php – links the whole thing together
  • sqladmin.php – speaks for itself
  • template.php – template library
  • vars.php – database stored variables
  • xml.php – generic expat xml parser object

Each of the above files has it’s own set of functions classes and subfunctions, they are generally bound together by a file named “pb_events.php”.

How does it work?

Due to the amount of functions there’s far more information than I’d like to explain here.

However in short, the idea is to pass everything via the framework, making your entire site very easy to manage.

Why am I interested in this?

  • It’s difficult to find any information on this framework.
  • The original authors are unreachable.
  • It’s always a shame to see hard work go to waste.
  • It may help people using this framework to understand the situation.
  • It has some bugs that stop certain things from working how they should without a bit of modification.
  • I like the way it does certain things, they are worth noting.
  • For reference.

I’m in no way trying to revive this framework, mealy trying to offer an answer to some of the questions you may have.