Seen script for mIRC updated

Looking for someone? huh? Well, look no further, this script is designed to keep log of people quiting, parting, being kicked out of and changing their nick… It also tells you if they are still on IRC, on a different channel or such, its basically the easiest way to keep track of people. It can now also tell you when someone last spoke.


Seen v1.1 – 20/05/08 Lastspoke can work from seen.log now too, added relay so can be used locally, redid input and output, reset your log file
Seen v1.03 – 09/06/06 now has lastspoke, other functions were fixed too.
Seen v1.02 – Cleaned up the script, added this file.
Seen v1.01 – Fixed a few bugs and added new features.
Seen v1.0 – Initial Public Release – Basic Code.

Download seen.mrc