Twitter for mIRC

I signed up for Twitter quite some months ago, but have yet really found myself using it.

I’m sure some of you are wondering what twitter actually is. The best way to describe it is a way to tell people you know what you’re up to. It fills the gap between emails and blogs.

This way, your friends can find out what you’re up to without having to actually ask you, and only if they’re interested.

Quite a novel idea.

However, I found myself NOT using it. My reasoning behind this was mainly because loading the site in a browser, logging in, and submitting a message was a rather long winded process.

However, thankfully, as it turns out, they have an API which I can send my message to along with my login details to update my status.

And so it was born! Twitter for mIRC.

At the moment the script is just an updater, maybe in the future I will write some RSS feed reader for mIRC so you can see what your friends are doing on twitter via mIRC, but only if the demand is there…